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RMIT Europe is the gateway for industry in Europe to Australian innovation and talent.

Featured partnership

The challenge: To design innovative, denim-based capsule collections that were supported by curated, digital folio. In doing so, students gained industry relevant knowledge in the properties and possibilities of denim as a material; developing skills and techniques for the manipulation of denim textiles and the construction of denim garments.

RMIT course: Year 3 of Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours)

Delivery: Studio with online linkages with the Cheap Monday team in Sweden across the project period.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the RMIT School of Fashion and Textiles and the students! So much talent.

Anna Norling - Assortment Director, Cheap Monday

Ways to partner with us

Innovation and research

How it works

As a research partner for European Commission funded projects, we're eligible to participate directly in funding applications and projects as a member or coordinator of a research consortium – we have full access to EU funding. We also facilitate the participation of RMIT Vietnam in European projects.

How to get involved

Our team works with research project consortia to match the expertise of RMIT researchers with projects and challenges focused on finding solutions to critical problems impacting communities and the environment. 

Who we work with

Our partners in European research projects have included Technische University of Berlin, Danish Board of Technology Foundation, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, National Research Council Italy, University of Alcalá, CARTIF, FSEG University of Greenwich and University of Tampere.

How it works

We connect our industry partners in Europe with outstanding researchers and research capabilities to solve critical problems impacting the community and the environment. We offer cutting edge research facilities and equipment for prototyping, product testing and collaborative research in addition. We also support access to funding schemes at a European, national or local government level. 

How to get involved

Our team works with industry to develop tailored and innovative solutions to meet business needs and rapidly improve productivity.

Who we work with

Our partners for collaborative R&D in Europe have included Barcelona City Council.

How it works

Industry sponsored PhDs in Europe can involve the supervision of RMIT researchers located onsite at the partner's facility or location. Other options for industry sponsored PhDs include RMIT researchers being based at RMIT's research facilities in Australia to carry out specific research for the industry partner. 

Cotutelle PhDs in Europe involve co-enrolment and supervision of PhD candidates at RMIT and a partner university in Europe leading to a joint award, or awards, from both partners.

How to get involved

Our team works with both industry partners as well as academic institutions in Europe interested in sponsored PhDs and cotutelles.

Who we work with

Our sponsored PhD partners include Volkswagen and our cotutelle PhD partners have included University of Vienna, Austria; Dauphine Université Paris, France; RWTH Aachen, Germany; Politecnico di Torino, Italy; University of Twente, Netherlands; University of Agder, Norway; Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain; and Universidad de Alcalá, Spain.


How it works

We provide global talent solutions for industry in Europe including servicing our partners seeking local talent for their operations in Australia.

We also work with our partners looking to extend their workforce in Europe through the diversity and depth of international talent. We place around 200 RMIT students a year in internships in Europe ranging from six to twelve months. Our partners highly value RMIT students with over 90% rating our students’ abilities as ‘excellent’.

How to get involved

Our team works with industry to identify the internship format, which could include a work placement, final year undergraduate project, graduate traineeship or a postgraduate research and postdoctoral fellowship.

Who we work with

There are around 165 international companies across 17 countries taking on RMIT students as interns globally, opening up their workplaces and contributing around $2 million each year in student allowances. Our partners have included Airbus, EADS, Bentley Motors, the Siemens Group, Nestle, McQuay, Robert Bosch, Volkswagen, BMW, and the Rolls-Royce Group in Europe and North America.

How it works

Our industry partners in Europe provide RMIT students with a business challenge for ideas, concepts and prototypes to be developed specifically for an organisation. All work is done online with students working on business challenges remotely through an online platform. There are no fees for organisations participating in RMIT challenges. 

How to get involved

Our team works with industry to identify a challenge that connects with a relevant RMIT student course. View our current industry partners and challenges for RMIT students.

Who we work with

Industry partners providing business challenges to RMIT students have include IoT software developer Nexiona, pharmaceutical group Lyomark Pharma, marketing and sales consultancy Axivas and foundation Global Future of Work.

How it works

RMIT study tours run for around two to four weeks with a group of around 10 to 25 students from RMIT's locations in Australia, Vietnam and Singapore. The tours led by an RMIT academic.

How to get involved

We welcome industry input to our study tours such as through guest talks, site visits as well as cultural experiences for students. Our partnerships with industry are for students to gain an insight into industry best practice, business operations as well as organisational culture in Europe. Students can also work with industry to complete a student project on a business challenge as part of their study tour. 

Our partnerships

22@ - Spain

RMIT urban design students worked with Barcelona's innovation district 22@ to solve a business challenge on urban design.

Barcelona City Council - Spain

RMIT urban futures researchers partnered with Barcelona City Council to deliver a report on energy poverty indicators.

Cheap Monday - Sweden

RMIT fashion and textile students worked with Cheap Monday to solve a business challenge on post consumption denim.

City of Salobreña - Spain

RMIT design innovation and technology students spent two weeks on an activation plan for the small historic town of Salobreña.

Facebook - London

RMIT's media and communication students visited the headquarters of Facebook London as part of their RMIT study tour.

Solvay - Spain

An RMIT engineering student spent two months working on an solar energy project for Solvay, a leading chemical group.

Why partner with us?

An international dimension beyond Europe's borders, especially in Asia due to our established presence in this region

Early access to the next generation of industry professionals and skilled resources with fresh ideas

An opportunity to leverage our connections such as cities or public agencies in Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sri Lanka

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