RMIT Europe is the European hub of RMIT University. We expand RMIT’s reputation as a global university of technology, design and enterprise.

About us

RMIT University is a global university of design, technology and enterprise, with more than 84,000 students and 10,000 amazing teachers and staff.

RMIT's European hub in Barcelona, Spain, is the gateway for European research, industry, government and enterprise to innovation and talent in Australia and Asia.

We leverage the University's global connections to deliver an international dimension to research and innovation beyond Europe's borders.

We provide early access to the next generation of talent for European industry including servicing our partners seeking local talent for their operations in Australia.

We also work with our partners looking to extend their workforce in Europe through the diversity and depth of international talent. 

Talk to us about the ways you can leverage our presence in Europe to extend your markets to Australia and Asia through innovation and talent.

Dr Marta Fernandez, Executive Director, RMIT Europe

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