Our team

Executive Director

Dr Marta Fernandez – Executive Director

Research & Innovation

Distinguished Professor Leslie Yeo – Research Director

Dr Craig Richmond – Research & Innovation Advisor

Dr Roger Singleton – Research & Innovation Advisor

Nevelina Pachova – Research & Innovation Advisor / Research Fellow (EdiCitNet)

Iván Luque Segura – Research Fellow (CULTURAL-E)

Cristina Ampatzidou – Research Fellow (CreaTures)

Mohsen Moshrefzadeh – Research Fellow (Safety4Rails)

Pauline Rasera – European Project Manager

Pauline Rasera – European Project Manager

Èlia Vallejos Formatgé – Project Assistant (Research)

Hannah Tribe – Research Communications Advisor

Aeden Ratcliffe – Communications and Events Advisor

Partnerships & Engagement

Karen Matthews – Senior Manager Corporate Relations & Communications

Javier Gravalos – Senior Manager Innovation Partnerships

Patricia Lora – Corporate Relations Manager

Tallulah Forrest – Education Partnerships Manager

Inés Crosas Remón – Partnerships & Communications Advisor

Jordi Segarra Farnell – Partnerships & Engagement Assistant

Operations and EU Project Office

Marie Maillart – Associate Director, Planning & Resources

Elisa Riva – Accounting and Finance Manager

Florencia Sanchez – Finance Officer

Ioana Marin – Operations Advisor and Personal Assistant

Clara Caminal – Senior Manager, EU Project Office

Maela Pascullo – Project Officer, Research

Kinga Kónya – REDI Project Manager

Meline Margaryan – Project Assistant (Research)

Postdoctoral and PhD researchers

Dr Ernane De Freitas Martins – Postdoctoral Researcher (RMIT and ICN2)

José María Castillo Robles – Doctoral Student (RMIT and ICN2)

Sophie Altrock – Early Stage Researcher (EINST4INE)

Chiara Mariottini – Early Stage Researcher (EINST4INE)

Sébastien Martin – Early Stage Researcher (EINST4INE)

Vivian Marcelino Santos Lima – Early Stage Researcher (EINST4INE)

Dr Ahmad Alaassar – Postdoctoral Research Fellow