Simon | Spanish Ministry of Education | Internship | Spain

I was studying Spanish, and I wanted that experience living in Spain, among Spanish speakers.
Simon Karumbi completed an international internship as part of his RMIT Bachelor of Arts (International Studies). The opportunity is through Spain and Australia's bilateral agreement where Australian university graduates or students in their final year are supported to teach English in public schools throughout Spain.

Liora | AUAS | Exchange | The Netherlands

I told people I was going to ‘study’ in Amsterdam, I now say I ‘lived’ there. My skills improved greatly, not to mention my confidence.
Liora Israelsohn spent a semester on a student exchange at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands, as part of her RMIT Bachelor of Communications (Journalism). She also participated in two study trips, one of them in Barcelona, at RMIT’s Europe office. 

Olivia | SENER | Internship | Spain

I decided to do this internship because it would expose me to a different way of learning, a different work environment and a different culture.
Olivia Nesci completed a six-month global internship as part of her RMIT Bachelor of Engineering (Civil and Infrastructure) (Honours)/Bachelor of Business (Management) with Sener, an engineering and technology group.

Pulkit | FH Aachen | Master Dual Award | Germany

It was an invaluable experience having studied in two different countries and learning about two global markets. As a result, there are many exciting opportunities, you get to see the world, expand your cultural and professional horizons, build your network and create unforgettable memories.
Pulkit Gaindhar studied a Master of Engineering (International Automobile Engineering) dual award program between RMIT and Aachen University of Applied Sciences.

Amy | Cheap Monday | Studio with online links | Sweden

I had a great semester working with Cheap Monday. The industry attention and feedback throughout the semester was amazing for solidifying and validating my skills and now I feel more prepared for working in the industry.
Amy Wolchyn participated in and was selected by Cheap Monday for her winning denim project and design. The studio involved students challenging and innovating established applications of denim, as well as creatively re-working Cheap Monday's dead stock as part of demonstrating how fashion can respond materially to key social issues.

Alex | Global Leadership Experience | Spain

I feel I can always improve and this opportunity gave me so many chances to put myself out there and to develop and work with people that I've never worked with, from different cultures, languages and mindsets. It was such an intense program and really beneficial.
Alex Baizanos is studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil and Infrastructure) (Honours) and he participated on the Global Leader Experience developed by Common Purpose at RMIT Europe in Barcelona. 

Rekha | Polytechnic University of Catalonia | PhD Short stay | Spain

Both the project and the stay in Barcelona were a life time experience. The exposure provided me a platform to gain new expertise, collaboration and networking along with practicing my soft skills. I could bring back the knowledge and use it to benefit my PhD and research group as well as others.
Rekha Raju got selected for an Erasmus scholarship and PhD short stay at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia at the beginning of 2018. 

Rebecca | Storyspot | Online business Challenge | Sweden

I was able to take my learnings from RMIT as well as other experiences and use them to create a campaign for a country I've never been to. It was a great experience that allowed me to take my skills to an international level. My biggest takeaway was learning to be concise and clear with my communication.
Rebecca Small participated in the virtual industry challenge with the Swedish company Storyspot as part of her RMIT Master of Media.  

Luke | Volkswagen | Industry PhD placement | Germany

You gain the exposure to like-minded people. These people might be from a different culture but had similar education. You can bounce ideas off them professionally and personally, and their collaboration can lead anywhere. Actually, one of my pieces was recognized with a student award.
RMIT PhD Candidate Luke Gaylor worked in an industry sponsored position with Volkswagen in Germany.