Featured internship

Solvay Energy Services, a Solvay energy subsidiary 

RMIT engineering student Darcy Vermont spent two months in the south of Spain working on an innovative solar energy project for one of the country's largest chemical groups.

Internship outcomes: Maintenance of a solar pond onsite at Solvay Energy Services in Granada
RMIT course: Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
Delivery: Two month work placement onsite in Granada, Spain

How it works

We provide global talent solutions for industry in Europe including servicing our partners seeking local talent for their operations in Australia.

We also work with our partners looking to extend their workforce in Europe through the diversity and depth of international talent. We place around 200 RMIT students a year in internships in Europe ranging from six to twelve months. Our partners highly value RMIT students with over 90% rating our students’ abilities as ‘excellent’.

How to get involved

Our team works with industry to identify the internship format, which could include a work placement, final year undergraduate project, graduate traineeship or a postgraduate research and postdoctoral fellowship.

Who we work with

There are around 165 international companies across 17 countries taking on RMIT students as interns globally, opening up their workplaces and contributing around $2 million each year in student allowances. Our partners have included Airbus, EADS, Bentley Motors, the Siemens Group, Nestle, McQuay, Robert Bosch, Volkswagen, BMW, and the Rolls-Royce Group in Europe and North America.